Cowboy Verse
Cowboy Verse

Before I get to the Verse, I must do some explaining.
I realize that "Cowboy Poetry" is a National Event
and serves the city of Elko very well during the winter months.
With that in mind, some people
had a different view of the meaning of Cowboy.....
This Verse was written in the Early 1980's
by a Local Rancher, Just about the time that
"Cowboy Poetry" in Elko was taking off.
The comercialization of poetry
and the fact that cows prices were low at the time
prompted this poem.
She asked me not to reveal her name
so I at first left the Verse anonymous.
The Lady wrote the poem when she was around her 70's
She passed away
so her name can now be revealed.
Mrs. Louise Lear
Some of you might know her as she was the Post Mistress at Currie, Nevada
for several years until they closed it down.

Now on to the Poem